Rent your next custom exhibit? This is a good option for lots of people.

Reasons to rent

  • Lower cost for one or two-time use
  • No storage and maintenance when not in use
  • Straight-line expense deduction (no depreciating a capital expenditure)
  • Change the look, feel and content at any time
  • Good choice if your program is in flux

Reasons NOT to rent

  • Your program is stable and your needs don't change much year-to-year
  • You pay again every time you use the exhibit.
  • Use it more than twice, and you should have bought it
  • Pieces you own can be the foundation of a new, different exhibit
  • Rentals are a bit more generic-looking

We have a large rental inventory that can be configured almost endlessly to fit your particular needs. Special elements (demo stations, product displays, etc) can be custom designed and fabricated to your exact specifications.


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