Sony Playstation - innovation on a grand scale


Sony Playstation's gigantic space at the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo is sometimes too large and involved (and the time too short) for Pinnacle Exhibits of Portland to produce completely. So Pinnacle knows that when it's crunch time, they can rely on Boothcrafters to complete whatever portion of the project they assign us.

The impending introduction of Playstation 3 for 2006 had the computer game media people fairly frothing at the mouth to see the first units. But a late decision by Sony to display PS3 on developmental computers left Pinnacle in a tight spot. They turned to Boothcrafters to produce these displays which were the centerpiece of the massive 200x250' booth, with a three-week turnaround.

When Pinnacle needed a full 174 game demo kiosks for the introduction of Playstation 2, guess who got the call? Pinnacle knew they could rely on our quality control and attention to detail to bring this critical phase of the PS2 introduction to life. Each game demo kiosk is a self-contained unit and features the Playstation console spotlighted in its own enclosure.

And when a new game intro demanded a giant Playstation controller to fit in with the oversized theme, Pinnacle knew we'd come through with this animated controller that actually worked, controlling gameplay action on a huge projection screen.

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